On larger annotation projects you may want to specify who will label work on a particular job. This is achieved in LightTag with teams. LightTag comes with a default Everyone team, that includes everyone in your project. When you create a new job it is assigned to Everyone by default.

You might want to create other teams, such as "English speakers" or "Domain experts" or "Just Me" and assigning them to a particular job instead of Everyone. This way you can control exactly who can work on a job.

Creating a new team

  1. Go to manage

  2. Click the plus icon next to teams

  3. Give your team a name and description

  4. Select the annotators who are in the team

Assigning Teams To An Existing Job

You can change the team assigned to an existing job after creating a new team, or even specify multiple teams for a job.

To do so

  1. Go to manage

  2. Click jobs

  3. Find the job you are interested in

  4. Click the expansion icon on the left

  5. Change the team as needed

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